Skovgaardsgade 3 - DK-8000 Aarhus C - Denmark - +45 88331188 - info(@) -

CEO: Aage Rais
E: aa(@)

Manager of production & applications: Trine Hansen
T: +45 60 29 75 88 E: tha(@)

Technical Manager of postproduction: Ulrik Lyhne
T: +45 27 52 75 55 E: ul(@)

Manager of Camera & Recording Equipment: Carsten Meinhardt
T: +45 60 29 75 90 E: cma(@)


Contact for finding local Co-producer: Martin Fugl
T: +45 29 44 22 52 E: martin.fugl.chabert(@)


About Aarhus Film Workshop
Aarhus Film Workshop is a production house for people who engage in the visual media of film and video in the western part of Denmark. The film workshop offers lectures, inspiration and advice for beginners as well as experienced and professional filmmakers. We support filmmakers free of cost. Funding and support can be achieved by applying through application forms, which can be found on our website. Support can include finance, consultancy, and production equipment.

Aarhus City
Aarhus is the second largest city in Denmark with 261.570 inhabitants. Aarhus hosts a national theater school, the independent film school Super8, and as an emerging filmmaker, producing films in Aarhus, you also have the opportunity to apply for funding at the West Danish Film Fund. In addition it is easy and free to get permission to shoot film in public places.


Filmgear for production: Financial support for:
Camera Production
Light Post production
Sound Travel & stay
GRIP Development
Post production facilities: Miscellaneous:
Editing Technical services
Post sound Script development- professional writers workshops
Office space