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About Film i Skåne
Film in Skåne is a regional center for film, striving to promote all aspects of films. Their regional film work runs in three main fields – Film Education, Screening and Production. Each year one or more Talent Programs take place. A group of creators develop themselves and a project in collaboration with each other, professionals from the industry, consultants and the staff at Film in Skåne and Boost. The programs are tailor-made for each project/creator. You can apply as an individual or as a team. Every team/individual is provided with the coaches they need, and they take part in workshops that the program needs. Most often a team consists of a producer, director or scriptwriter but also photographers and creators from other areas, for example from the gaming industry.

Skåne City
Skåne is the southern part of Sweden, and is the most densely populated part of Sweden. The biggest cities are Malmø, Lund and Helsingborg. Malmø hosts a theater and an opera house, and you’ll also find the Oresunds bridge connecting Sweden and Denmark, plus the skyscraper Turning Torso. Skåne offers nature, castles and beaches, and it’s easy to get around.


Filmgear for production: Financial support for:
Camera Production
Light Development
Sound Travel & stay
Post production facilities: Space:
Editing Office space
Post sound Film studios
Mix cinema  
Script development- professional writers workshops