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CEO and artistic director: Prami Larsen
T: +457199 3371 E:

Coordinator production & development: Line Hvidtfeldt
T: +457199 3370 E:

Head of technical department: Anders Bonde
T: +457199 3373 E:

Technical assistant: Steffen Møgelmose
T: +457199 3272 E:

Technical trainee: Anders S. Kjeldsen
T: +45 7199 3374 E:


Contact for finding local Co-producer: Maria Møller Kjeldgaard
T: +45 61 46 26 82


About Copenhagen Film Workshop 
Film Workshop / Copenhagen has since 1970 supported emerging film makers on their way to a professional career on the film, tv and visual art scene. The film workshops main support consists of access to professional workflows and technical support. The grants are handed out in an intensive process using commissioners from the professional film business setting ambitions standard for project development. Besides the film workshop offers seminars and workshops in script writing, production, distribution, cross media etc. We support filmmakers free of cost. Funding and support can be achieved by applying through application forms, which can be found on Support can include finance, consultancy, and production equipment.

Copenhagen City 
The region Greater Copenhagen consist of Copenhagen, the largest city in Denmark, and Malmö with all in all 1.8 million inhabitants. The region hosts al national art schools, a large theater scene, and universities. The region is the center for the Danish film business with companies scattered all over the region. Malmö also has a professional film scene and regional film support systems. All national broadcasters with DR as the biggest has offices in the area. The Danish Film Institute running the main support programs for feature film, documentary, public service and games is placed in the center of Copenhagen.


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GRIP Mix cinema
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