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Project coordinator: Martin Hammar
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About FilmCloud
FilmCloud is a platform for young filmmakers, primarily under the age of 30 from West Sweden. FilmCloud offers young filmmakers support in many ways, from semi-professional courses, seminars to tutoring. Support may be granted after applying. The applications are assessed individually looking at the filmmakers’ needs and can include finance, consultancy, or/and production equipment. FilmCloud hosts 20-40 workshops, seminars and events in different levels and types.

Göteborg City
Göteborg is the second largest city in Sweden with approximately 500.000 inhabitants. The city hosts the production company Gothenburg Studios, a city theater and an opera house. You’ll also find archipelago nature (skærgård), a botanical garden and the amusement park Liseberg.


Filmgear for production: Financial support for:
Camera Production
Light Post production
Sound Travel & stay
GRIP Saleries (only for postproduction of feature films)
Post production facilities: Space:
Editing Office space
Post sound Film studios
Technical services  
Script development- professional writers workshops