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Manager: Hermann Greuel
T: +47 77 69 78 70 E:

Equipment: Terje André Nymark

Talent Development: Espen Skagen

Technical: Espen Nomedal


About Tvibit
Based in Tromsø, Norway, Tvibit Youth Film Centre (TYFC) is a knowledge and resource center for young film talents in Northern Norway. Working with a broad range of activities on different levels, TYFC aims to recruit and develop film talents across a sparsely populated region roughly 3 times the size of Denmark.

TYFC Talent Film Fund: One of our most important tools. The €30.000 fund open to 15-25 year olds that have film projects, want to attend workshops home or abroad, hire mentors etc. is a low threshold fund, that lets young people realize their film ideas. Maximum grant from the fund is €3.000 for each project.

Tromsø City
Tromsø, or the Arctic Capital, is the biggest city in the Northern part of Norway – 350 kilometers from the Arctic Circle. You can see the northern lights from here depending on the time of your visit. The city center is not far from the wilderness, where you can hike, fish, ride a dog sledge and canoe. The city hosts Tromsø International Film Festival, which includes a selection of shorts and documentaries from the Films from the North program, along with special screenings and various other events.


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