J. H. Schrøtersgøta 5 - FO-100 Tórshavn - Faroe Islands - +298 302325 - klippfisk@klippfisk.fo - www.klippfisk.fo

Head of department: Sámal Jákup Jacobsen
T: +298 22 23 25 E: klippfisk@klippfisk.fo

The board of Klippfisk

Chairman: Jákup Veyhe
T: +298 302325 E: jakupveyhe@me.com

Referent: Jan Berg Jørgensen
T: 298 21 88 22 E: macjanberg@gmail.com

Contact for finding local Co-producer: Julia í Kálvalíd
T: +298 59 34 38 E: juliakalvalid@yahoo.com


About Klippfisk 
Klippfisk is a Faroese film workshop, which focuses on support-based talent development. Klippfisk is the only film workshop in the Faroe Islands, and it offers a range of activities including education, training, film production, and loan and rental of equipment.

Klippfisk has the equipment needed to work with video and film. The equipment is meant for individuals who have a burning desire to make their own films (short films, documentaries, experimental films, feature films etc.), and you can borrow it for free (deposit is required).

Tórshavn City
Tórshavn is among the smallest capitals of the world, and it is a city on the water. Therefore you will find lots of interesting locations on the waterfront. Inland, in the heart of the old town, you’ll find old turf-roofed houses, which have stood there for generations. Besides this you’ll find museums, art and LOTS of nature.


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