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About Kultur i Väst
Kultur i Väst is one of two parts of West Sweden’s Regional Resource Center of Film. The other part is Film i Väst, which is a company owned by the region itself, whose purpose it is to co-produce film and television but also to develop the film industry in general. Kultur i Väst is the region’s cultural administration and manages development work under the authority of the Cultural Affairs Committee. About 80 people work at Kultur i Väst within culture forms such as libraries, cultural tourism, music, art, dance and many more. Three people are working with film at Kultur I Väst. And as a complement to Film i Väst, the mission is to work with film in a cultural aspect, including Film Education, Screening, Young filmmakers and also to arrange an annual film festival; Frame, where young filmmakers participate with their films.


Filmgear for production: Financial support for:
Camera Production
Light Post production
Sound Travel & stay
GRIP Saleries (only for postproduction of feature films)
Post production facilities: Space:
Editing Office space
Post sound Film studios
Technical services  
Script development- professional writers workshops