Screen Talent Europe is an international network for film workshops and media centers in 9 European countries and comprises 15 individual film workshops.

The purpose of the network is to exchange knowledge, experiences and methods, through collaborations, network meetings and conferences.

The aim of the collaborations is to develop the non-formal training methods in European Film Workshops and create awareness and acknowledgement of the talent development European Film workshops creates.

There is significant demand for gatherings of kindred spirits within the non-formal training system in order to improve methods by exchanging knowledge and finding inspiration in the work of colleagues.

There is also an aim to expand the network on a larger scale within Europe and looking into an angle of being a project of EU.

Cooperation on activities and initiatives

Screen Talent Europe arranges talent camps on going, seminars, film festival activities, pitching foras and a number of other activities meeting the purposes of the partners as well as stimulating the internal relations and learning processes within the network. Through hands-on collaborations, co-productions and exchange programmes the potential of each workshop will be used on an international level and the member partners will be empowered to developing new methods and training activities for emerging film talents.

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