The Co-support agreement is an agreement made between the partners of Screen Talent Europe to support Co-production projects between the partner countries. The purpose is to strengthen talent development, international co‐productions and the understanding of the conditions for global film production among the future filmmakers.

The agreement makes it possible for talents to apply for funding and support in all of the partner workshops in the Screen Talent Europe network.

The producer network EPIC is also connected to Screen Talent Europe. EPIC is a network of young producers with great experience in filmmaking, and they can help you find experienced co-producers in their own countries.


The process of submitting an application
To apply for additional support from one of the Screen Talent Europe partners, the producer or production manager applies for funding at his/her national/local film workshop. In the application the applicant specifies which other film workshop in the network the applicant wishes to approach.

Each workshop has its own application system, but the application must always include a description of:

  • What kind of support the applicant is applying for
  • The specific production period for which the equipment is needed
  • Name and a CV of the producers, and the people who will operate the equipment
  • Insurance and other relevant information for the loan

 After submitting the application the manager of the specific film workshop will prequalify the application with relevant staff members, and inform the relevant partner about the application and the scale of the project and support. The partner workshop will then perform a production and finance assessment of the project to conclude whether support is possible.

 You can read more about each of the partners and which kind of support they offer for the Co-support agreement here:

 If the project is supported, the local co‐producer is responsible for following the terms for support.


Application demands:

  • The project must have a local co-producer.
  • If the project has no local co‐producer, the partner workshop may help you find one.
  • The partner workshop states the terms of support in a written contract before the local production begins.
  • The co‐producer makes up the value of the support and reports it in the financial plan of the project.


Unless another agreement has been made between the production company/ producer and Screen Talent Europe, the opening credits of the film must contain the logo of Screen Talent Europe.

The credit texts of the film and all advertising materials must state that the film is produced with support from "SCREEN TALENT EUROPE and the partner workshop/ media center", and display the logos.

The partner workshop / media center must approve the design of credit texts, advertising materials, etc.


Click on the map to read more about what kind of support each partner offers: