Denmark – Viborg Open Workshop

Open Workshop (OW) is a talent and project development/production centre for animation film, graphic narratives, games, and cross/trans media projects, supported by the Danish Film Institute and Viborg Municipality.

OW is a special department within The Animation Workshop that provides the environment, facilities, materials/equipment and some of the financial means necessary to develop and produce animation and animation-related projects.

OW annually supports over 100 projects and hosts up to 35 artists at one time.

Open Workshop functions as an artist residency where both new and confirmed talents, budding artists and professionals can live for a time to work on their personal projects, both on

their own and together. The artists also have access to the most skilled international consultants within the animation field.

Through workshops, masterclasses, general guidance, pitch and presentation training, along with the daily work on their projects, the artists strengthen their artisanship as well as their understanding of the business aspects connected to the development and production of animation related projects. Open Workshop discovers original and skilled talents and guides them along their chosen career paths. Matchmaking and networking activities are designed to bring companies and artists closer together.

Projects supported and hosted by Open Workshop include:

·         Portfolio creation and animation tests

·         Short films, trailers, and music videos

·         Documentary animation

·         Graphic novels, comics including online/interactive

·         Cross/trans-media properties

·         Games for all platforms, iPad apps etc.

·         Interactive/immersive experiences

·         Installations, exhibitions

·         Interdisciplinary projects/shows/theatre plays/concerts

·         Animation and VFX on live action films

·         Development of feature films, TV shows, games and any of the above types of projects

Open Workshop