Denmark – Aarhus Film Workshop

Aarhus Film Workshop is an open film workshop, which supports non-commercial film production with the primary purpose of finding and developing new film talent in the West Danish region.

The Workshop has received financial support from the Danish Film Institute since 2006. Furthermore, the City of Aarhus aims to uplift the film environment in Aarhus – a venture, which includes Aarhus Film Workshop.

The main role of Aarhus Film Workshop is to support new, mostly young film talent in their professional and artistic development, with the primary purpose to help them with education or employment within the film industry. 

Aid may be granted by applying for film support and may include consultancy and production equipment. The Workshop supports up to 40 productions annually, with an emphasis on short fiction films.

Aarhus Film Workshop has close relations with the surrounding production environment, as well as educational and cultural institutions. In addition, we house the alternative education Super8 film, and youth talent development school Station Next.

Aarhus Film Workshop is and has been a springboard for many new filmmakers; Through the Workshop, it is possible to produce your first film without being in debt for the rest of your life – as well as moving on to film schools or other relevant training. We have also seen some of our former trainees or volunteers, who have acquired experience and knowledge, and who have later on created a career in the film industry. 


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