France – Ciclic

Ciclic, the Agence régionale du Centre-Val de Loire pour le livre, l’image et la culture numérique, offers a cultural public service which results from the collaboration between the Centre-Val de Loire Region and the French government. 

The missions it carries out and the actions it develops are based on cooperation, research, innovation, support for professionals and audiences, spatial planning and cultural economy.

The experienced team of this public institution for cultural cooperation focuses on training, awareness, educational research, artistic creation, cultural programs as well as heritage preservation and diffusion. The team also encourages the emergence of demanding projects. 

Ciclic aims to provide access to cinematographic and literary works in a rural regional territory.

The agency reaches the audiences by introducing them to contemporary literature (Mille lectures d’hiver) and by bringing cinema into the rural territory (Cinémobile).

It carries out partnership projects in the film industry, in collaboration with distributors (Mois du film documentaire) and operators (Libres courts, Cour(t)s devant).

It also encourages the presence of writers on the territory (residencies, partner authors). Finally, Ciclic offers a digital distribution to audiences who do not have easy access to culture ( and memoire.ciclic. fr websites). 

It thus intends to work in favor of cultural decentralization and democratization. 

Ciclic is a service dedicated to artistic creation which supports artists, filmmakers and authors in their creative journeys. It also pays attention to the structure of regional sectors, be they artisanal or industrial, and assesses them regularly. 

Ciclic encourages the development of the cultural economy by supporting the actors of the territory (publishers, producers, booksellers), by encouraging local economic benefits (film shooting assistance office) and by offering a diversified and targeted professional training according to the needs of the participants. By receiving artists in residence at Ciclic Animation (, the agency hosts a talent incubator in the field of animated films. 

By doing so, it encourages demanding creations that support public awareness and achievement for everyone. 


24 rue Renan – CS 70031 
37110 Château-Renault

Tel : +33 2 47 56 08 08
Fax : +33 2 47 56 07 77

Directeur Général : Philippe Germain 

Directrice Générale Adjointe : Annaïck Le Ru