Nordic Filmdays Lübeck

by Siri Frederiksen

Young Nordic Film Link

Short Summary of the 2nd Edition at the Nordic Filmdays Lübeck
5.-8. November 2015

„ It's a fantastic opportunity for emerging filmmakers to network with the right people, to learn from established industry professionals and to have a lot of fun all the while.“ - Delia Gyger, Elmshorn

For the second time the Filmworkshop Kiel, Østnorsk Filmsenter Lillehammer and the Filmworkshops of Odense and Aarhus invited six young filmmakers from Norway, Denmark and Germany to share the festival experience of the Nordic Filmdays in Lübeck. Guided and supported by the team of Filmworkshop Kiel, they stayed together in a hotel, attended industry meetings, screenings and networking events - and they got to know each other really well in a pretty short timespan: „I totally didn’t expect to feel so close to the group after so short period of time.“ - Lillian Løvseth

I entered YNFL because the program is an amazing opportunity to meet young filmmaker, and some established filmmakers. I've also never been to a festival before, and therefore the festival seemed as a good place to start.“ - Iben Søtang Jacobsen, Aarhus

After arriving in Lübeck on Thursday, the group met for the first time at a restaurant to get to know each other and connect. Friday was busy with a masterclass by Camilla Nielsson and her masterful documentary „Democrats“, followed by the possibility to attend a conference about audience engagement hosted by Creative Europe MEDIA. At the following co-production reception, there was more opportunity to meet fresh and seasoned talents and professionals from all over Scandinavia and the Baltics.

Saturday was startet by the traditional Film Brunch hosted by the Filmworkshop, followed by coffee and cakes with the young producers network EPIC that was also guest of the Filmworkshop Kiel at this year’s festival (in cooperation with their partners from Screen Talent Europe). Here the group met also with a producer from Hamburg, Screen Talent Europe partner Herman Greuel from TVIBIT / NUFF Tromsø and Katrin Mersmann, co-production commissioner at the film fund Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein, as well as some other young filmmakers.

And of course there was a lot of time to watch movies, discuss them with filmmakers and amongst the group, and meet other festival participants along the way - not to forget the parties and receptions! Four days in Lübeck were packed with events and things to do!

If I should describe YNFL to a friend, I would say that it was four wonderful days which meant a lot to me. I got a lot of new international contacts, realized how many options you have for an international cooperation, saw amazing films and learnt so much.“ - Pernille Lund, Odense

For the team of Filmworkshop Kiel, it was a great opportunity to get to know these six young emerging talents that hopefully will come back and work with us in one way or another. And they have already their own plans on the way to co-produce with each other and begin to do what this experience has made them even more want to: make films!


Arne Sommer, Filmworkshop Kiel



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