Pitching forum

by Ulrik Lyhne

Screen Talent Europe has received funding from The Nordic Culture Fund to establish a new international pitching forum for short films and documentaries. The Nordic Culture Fund supports innovative, artistic and cultural projects in the Nordic Region.

The pitching Forum in Grimstad will be implemented in collaboration with The Norwegian Short Film Festival in Grimstad, which takes place in June 2016. Grimstad Short Film Festival is an Oscar qualifying festival, and in 2015 the festival established a collaboration with Clermont-Ferrand, Sundance, Toronto and Berlin. These international festivals will take part in the international short film program of the Norwegian Short Film Festival.

The aim of the pitching forum is to inspire and initiate co-productions between young filmmakers connected to the Screen Talent Europe network, and filmmakers from the international short film program at the festival.

The pitching forum will last 2 days, and approximately 10-14 short film or documentary projects will be pitched throughout the festival. One of the projects will receive a prize for best pitch. The reward is film equipment for production, postproduction facilities and a cash production grant of 50.000 NOK (5300 €).

In addition to the pitching forum, there will be networking and social events where the participants and filmmakers from other programs at the festival can meet and network.

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