Norway – Tvibit Film Centre

Based in Tromsø, Norway, Tvibit Film Centre (TFC) is a knowledge and resource centre in Northern Norway. Working with a broad range of activities, and on different levels, TFC aims to recruit and develop film talents in the region. With a history reaching back to 2003, TFC have developed methods and practices that’s being continually refined, all the way from young, inexperienced filmmakers first meeting with the medium of film and film production, to specializing in specific fields in the art of film making. 


TFC work within the three step educational system discover, exploreand specialize. The low threshold, entry and recruitment stage is based on the principle of discovery of the medium, the second step, which is for the more dedicated youths, focus on exploring different aspects of film and film production, and encourages participants in our programs and activities to start thinking about themselves as film makers, and to take creative chances in their projects. The last step is for specializing in specific fields of the film making process, and aims to support and further develop talented young people into film and media professionals and creators.

Every year we have over 1.400 attendees between 15-30 years on our courses and workshops, ranging from crash courses in film making, to more advanced programs in script development, editing, film photography, directing, stunts and production management. We also have a growing community of VR- and gaming talents working across the field in arts, content creation, programming and e-sports.

Project based talent development 

Most of our long running programs aimed at developing film talents, are projects where the film makers run all aspects of the production themselves, with industry professionals as mentors and coaches. 

Film festival

Nordic Youth Film Festival: NUFF and TFC host and arrange the festival in June every year. The NUFF Workshops, held the week before the festival, gathers 40 participants from all over the world for a week. Industry professionals coach the participants in an intensive workshop to produce 5 short films, being screened at the opening of the festival. Nordic Youth Film Festival has over the years built an extensive network of young film makers, and youth film workers, and is the main social and networking event of the year for NUFF, TFC and scores of young creative people.


TFC lend equipment to young film makers for film projects, free of charge. 

14 cameras, including 4K semi-professional video cameras, high-end DSLRs, GoPros, and light, easy-to-use HD video cameras, 360-cameras and live-streaming equipment, LED-lamps, drone, camera rigs and tri-pods, and 8+ Macs running Adobes post-production package. In the area of gaming and programming, we’re mainly running PC-based systems. Our Media Lab is kitted with powerful rendering PCs especially suited for 3D-animation and rendering for advanced gaming projects, and at our Maker Space, 3D and lazer printing lets young creatives take their projects and ideas from screen to real life. We also have an in-house sound- and recording studio for music.  

Ownership and budgetTFC is owned by the local council of Tromsø, and is funded by the Ministry of Culture. NUFF is a part of TFC. Annual budget is apx. €800.000 per year.