Partners & Aim

Map with partners


The aim of Screen Talent Europe (STE) is to raise the standard of European talent development in the audiovisual sector, to promote and foster cooperation among European film workshops, media centers working with a “learning by doing” philosophy and other institutions aiming at developing emerging talents for the moving images industry and to raise awareness of the work done by the participants of the network.

The main objectives for the cooperation of its members include creating a common European cross border production platform for emerging talents, a common European communication platform for emerging filmmakers; the creation of labs, campuses and other events and venues for emerging talents; to connect emerging talents from all over the world; the innovation and improvement of contents and methods in the talent development for the benefit of European film culture, talented storytellers and artists, using moving images as main expression. Furthermore, STE shall endeavor to advance the audio-visual culture in general.


As of 2021, Screen Talent Europe consists of 15 partners from 8 countries all over Europe: Aarhus Film Workshop (Denmark), Odense Filmvaerksted (Denmark), Film Workshop Copenhagen (Denmark), Film i Skane (Sweden), Film Stockholm (Sweden), FilmCloud (Sweden), Mediefabrikken (Norway), Film Workshop Tvibit (Norway), CineSud (the Netherlands), New Noardic Wave (the Netherlands), Galway Film Centre (Ireland), Film Workshop Nuuk (Greenland), Filmwerkstadt Kiel (Germany), Filmfördering Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein (Germany), Klippfisk (Faroe Islands).You can find more info on each partner in the map above.

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