Sweden – Film Stockholm

Film Stockholm is part of Film Stockholm, which is a division of the Department of Culture at Stockholm County Council. Film Stockholm is co-funded by Botkyrka Municipality. The annual budget is approximately 6 million SEK. 

Film Stockholm (formerly known: Filmbasen) has since 2008 been an incubator and a platform for young Swedish filmmakers from the region of Stockholm. Our focus is talented development concentrated to short films, documentaries, debut feature film and new media. We finance film projects from the region of Stockholm. Each semester we offer professional and semi-professional workshops and seminaries in various aspects of filmmaking.

Since 2012 we finance development support for feature films through our two talent development programs, STHLM Debut. Stockholm Debut are aimed at directors, scriptwriters and producers that are in the process of making their first feature film.

Film Stockholm offers professional and semi-professional courses and seminars to filmmakers. We also encourage young filmmakers to establish their own networks through our website and by hosting social gathering events focused on film. 

We always try to establish a close contact and collaboration with filmmakers in the region, before, during, and after they attend to film schools. Many filmmakers that has participated in one of our talent development programs while making their first feature film, also made their first semi-professional shorts a couple of years earlier with financing from Film Stockholm.

Film Stockholm treat about 350 applications of shorts and documentaries, and about 50 applications of feature films. Each application (and applicant) is assesed by its own merits. Taking into account not only the application’s quality, originality and consistency, but also the creators experience and forthcoming potential, Film Stockholm can give funds to a wide spread of projects and filmmakers. Each application is assesed by at least one commissioner. Before giving funds to a project we always meet the filmmaker to find out in which capacity we best can support his or her project during its process. 

Main partners, organizations or collaborators

Botkyrka Municipality, FilmCapital Stockholm, Film i Skåne/BoostHbg, Film på Gotland, Uppsala International Shortfilm festival, Stockholm International Film festival and Tempo Documentary Film Festival. Film Stockholm is an active member of the network Screen Talent Europe.


Anne-Marie Söhrman Fermelin
Head of Development Film Stockholm

Telefon: +46 (0) 704842278
E-post: anne-marie@filmbasen.se

Eller: anne-marie.sohrman-fermelin@sll.se 

Postadress: Film Stockholm KulturförvaltningenStockholms läns landstingBox 38204, 100 64 Stockholm 

Besöksadress: Rotemannavägen 29, Norsborg (T-Alby)