Sweden – Film i Skåne

Film i Skåne, founded in 1995, is one of 19 regional resource centres for film and television in Sweden, with a mission to work for film and moving pictures connected to Skåne.

We are also one of four production centres and have a remit to invest in film and television projects. Our work spans investment in feature film, major TV series and documentaries, as well as talent development and short film.

We organize and work with film festivals, we conduct Ystad Studios and film commission activities. Film i Skåne also conducts Ystad studio Visitor Center since 2017. 

Since 2006, Film i Skåne has been helping to highlight and invest in upcoming filmmakers, and in creatives coming into film from other areas of media and the arts.

Talent development focuses not only on film projects, but also on highlighting and developing the creatives behind those projects. This is done by providing knowledge, networks and tailor-made efforts to make it easier for the filmmaker to move on in his or her career.

Film i Skåne runs several specialized development programmes and workshops and there are joint facilities and funding that filmmakers can apply for. In association with FilmCentrum South, Film i Skåne has technical equipment available to borrow, and the organisations work together with academic film programmes and new filmmakers. And in collaboration with BoostHbg, Film i Skåne has also a focus on engaging audiences and exploring new media and new ways of storytelling. 

Film i Skåne’s talent development department has long been active in national and international talent development and has partner like tv-stations, Film institutes, festivals, educations and organizations and other funds.
Skåne is one of Sweden’s biggest strongholds of documentary film, with a raft of successful films over the years.

Malmö is an environment with several strong companies that operate on the international market for documentary film. Other factors that make Skåne a centre for the genre include the Nordisk Panorama Nordic Short & Doc Film Festival, and the Doc Lounge screening networks. Film i Skåne co-produces the Nordisk Panorama Nordic Short & Doc Film Festival, an annual meeting-place for everyone who works with or has an interest in short and documentary film. The festival is an opportunity for the film industry in Skåne to meet the most important international players and business partners in the Nordic countries, on their home territory.

Film i Skåne’s role in documentary film is to serve as a co-producer in films with a regional connection. We invest in films that have their creative point of departure in Skåne.



Hanna Sohlberg, Commissioning Editor, Head of talent development