Director’s Village is a brand new 4-day residence training program that brings your film closer to the screen! The first edition of this unique training program will take place September 15-18 during the SHIFT Film Festival in Heerlen and is organised by STE-partner CineSud, in collaboration with Screen Talent Europe.

Director’s Village 2022

Director’s Village is a 4-day on-site European residence program to enhance and develop the skills of the most promising directors-writers from the future and to help them prepare for their next (short film) project. It is a unique training program organised by CineSud, in collaboration with our dear partners of Screen Talent Europe: Film Workshop Copenhagen, Aarhus Film Workshop, MOIN Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein, New Noardic Wave, Mediefabrikken, GMAC and FilmCloud.

Eight filmmakers from five different countries are selected to take part in the first edition of Director’s Village. Director’s Village will take place September 15-18 during the SHIFT Film Festival in Heerlen. On September 15 at 16.00 PM you can watch short films of these talented filmmakers at the Royal Theater in Heerlen during a Short Film: Director’s Village Special.

Selected filmmakers

Name | Project | Partner, country

  1. Mari Ørstavik | All I Want (Alt Jeg Vil) | Mediefabrikken, Norway

  2. Adam Starsmark | Bedside (Vaka) | FilmCloud, Sweden

  3. Wiebke Becker | DILAN | MOIN Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

  4. Lucas Brunelli Donnard | Filth | Germany

  5. Catriona MacLeod | Kill Me, Pay Me | GMAC, Scotland

  6. Jamila Versi | My Shrunken Heart (and all that followed) (Mit Skrumpede Hjerte (og følgerne derpå) | Film Workshop Copenhagen, Denmark

  7. Rosita Wolkers | Pomegranates (Granaatappels) | New Noardic Wave, The Netherlands

  8. Nils Hanssen | The Right Note | CineSud, The Netherlands