Galway Film Centre (GFC) and Galway 2020, in association with Screen Talent Europe, are proud to release our new series of online seminars on Virtual Production.

Galway Stories: Virtual Production Through a 2020 Lens

Galway Stories: Virtual Production Through a 2020 Lens will shine a light on the whole process of virtual production filmmaking and highlight the key challenges and opportunities for independent filmmakers engaging with this new technology. Over the next several weeks, we will release a video every Thursday to inform filmmakers on the new techniques that we at GFC have been researching and developing over the past 18 months. The aim of the series is to breakdown barriers to the world of virtual production and make it more accessible and affordable.

Online video series

From 2019’s live action Lion King to Star Wars TV series The Mandalorian and even HBO/BBC series His Dark Materials, Virtual Production is becoming an ever-present technology that filmmakers will increasingly find themselves working with or alongside in the future. Each video in our series will be focusing on a different area of the production process, from an overview of the hardware and digital tools we are using right through to introducing multi-user editing to your workflow, we will be supplying direction and guidance in all necessary areas to help get your virtual production off the ground.

The first video in our series will be our Hardware and Software Overview and will be live on Thursday the 6th May 2021. Drawing on our technical proficiency, over a year of research, production, development and testing, with guidance from industry leaders in the Virtual Production space such as Dan May of Painting Practice, and film director Haz Dulull, Galway Film Centre are at the cutting-edge of this process, and look forward to sharing our expertise with local filmmakers.

Want to watch the video series?

Click here to watch all the videos on Galway Film Centre’s Youtube channel.