The eight annual Screen Talent Europe Pitching Forum will take place at The Norwegian Short Film Festival in Grimstad Thursday 8th June! Eleven young emerging filmmakers will be presenting their projects in front of a jury and an audience. The winner will be awarded a production grant of €4.000, powered by Screen Talent Europe.

Where: Grimstad Kulturhus, PAN
When: June 8, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm.

Free entrance!

Meet the participants

During the Forum the participants are offered training and networking opportunities at the Norwegian Short Film Festival. Below you can read some more about the selected participants and their project.

The Pitching Forum is organized by Mediefabrikken, Screen Talent Europe and The Norwegian Short Film Festival.


Alessandro Stigliano, Sweden

Alessandro is a writer and director born and raised in Tuscany, Italy. Free access to the local cinema made him develop an obsession that slowly turned into passion for filmmaking. This eventually led to him dropping out of Law school and moving to Sweden in 2012, where he has been honing his craft ever since. With a keen eye for visual storytelling and a deep understanding of genre conventions, Alessandro aspire to create a body of work that MUST be engaging at all time as well as thought-provoking. The directors identity being split between two nationalities has led to feelings of confusion, conflict and ambiguity that deeply influence his storytelling.

A GOOD MOTHER is about a single mother, who just recently moved into town, is called to a late night meeting at the preschool as her 5-year old is accused of putting his classmate in the hospital.


Carl Veis, Denmark

Carl Veis dropped out of university two years ago to try his luck with filmmaking. He started a one-year film school, POTEMKIN in Aarhus, and now he is making his first fiction project after finishing film school. He loves telling stories through both visual and audio means, giving a fully immersive experience that cannot be matched by other storytelling formats. He wants to create films with exciting and different stories. Much of his inspiration comes from authors such as Murakami or Kafka, who work with magical realism.

Natalie and Thor just moved in together, when a supernatural phenomenon complicates their lives. Every time Thor drinks Natalie gets hungover. They agree to a compromise; Thor will moderate his drinking so that Natalie is not affected too much. But will he keep his promise? Would you change your way of living for a loved-one if the consequences of your actions befell them, instead of you?


Daniela Toma, Norway

Daniela is a Greek/Moldavian self-taught filmmaker and photographer based in Tromsø, Norway. Her background is in law and environmental studies, and this has been mostly the starting point for her ambition to become a documentary filmmaker/photographer. Her latest co-directed short documentary, ARCTIC UTOPIAS had its premiere at Tampere Film festival in 2022 and won the Sustainability Award for Green Production. The film was shown also in New Horizons IFF, Aegean Film Festival, Make Dox, Zagreb Film Festival, Komafest, The Norwegian Documentary Film Festival among others.

SLEEPY TRANSFORMATION is an experimental/creative documentary about finding one’s identity in a world that is constantly changing and in which we are constantly moving. Approaching this project through an essay-like way, the director wants to revisit her memories/memories or experiences of other immigrants from Tromsø and/or Greece with the intention to regain connection to their roots that in the name of shame and fear have been erased.


Eza Doortmont, The Netherlands

Eza Doortmont prefers to call herself a visual storyteller. She works both as documentary filmmaker as an analogue photographer. Her work is strongly influenced by her background in journalism and visual anthropology. In all her projects you see her eye for detail and human contact. She has an inclination for small communities, small drama, and processes. They are often stories about that what still exists, but most likely will perish. THE CLUB showcases the core of Eza’s work; it is multi-sensorial, explores embodied knowledge, is strongly process driven and the themes are used for strong visual storytelling and cinematographic choices.

The Club tells the story of real people and their world and what it would mean if that world will or will not disappear.


Ingrid Marie Røine, Norway

Ingrid Marie is a director and writer based in Oslo, and studied directing at the Norwegian acting institute. Through film, she’s trying to make sense out of this weird experience of being alive and why we act the way we do.

In a hotel room full of Norwegian high school graduation students we enter the brutal social fight for belonging. We meet a girl who’s constantly pushing the boundaries of how far one goes to shock and impress the group in a game of dares. Who are we left as when the cost of social status is our boundaries?


Moritz Moessinger, Germany

Moritz’s passion for storytelling started at a young age, when his father introduced him to the films of Spielberg and Tarkovsky, as well as the photography of Robert Cappa and Irving Penn. These experiences sparked his love for film and photography, which he pursued by obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Audio-visual Engineering. He later studied cinematography at the Screen Academy in Edinburgh and took a MA in Cinematography at the prestigious Hamburg Media School. He has worked on a wide range of projects and award-winning short films. Apart from his work on feature films, documentaries and commercials, his desire to tell stories has led him to start directing and co-develop long-form projects as well as short-film ideas.

Andrea, a senior member of a special police unit, grapples with her long-held prejudices when a routine raid on a family home goes terribly wrong, forcing her to confront the human impact of her job. The short film EZRA confronts the tendency to rely on stereotypes in intricate situations, as well as the emotional toll of breaking away from them.


Nazia Mohammad, Scotland

Director Nazia Mohammad grew up in Edinburgh, Scotland. She studied drawing and painting at Edinburgh college of art and has a visual art background. In the last few years she has been working as a crew member in various art department roles on professional Film and TV productions. In 2021 she was commissioned by GMAC Little Pictures to make micro-budget short film Return which is her directorial debut. GMAC screened Return in Berlin as part of the Screen Talent Europe showcase this year where it received comments such as ‘poetic’ and ‘beautiful’. She was selected for EIFF Script Starter programme in 2022.  At present she is writing new short film scripts and working towards finding more opportunities to direct in the future.

SHAAD is a Scottish- Pakistani short film about loss and forgiveness in the context of a father/daughter relationship and how that love can surpass life.


Nicole Newsha Khadivi, Sweden

Nicole is an artist and filmmaker. She is currently studying her master’s in fine arts at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm and has previously studied for a year in the film class at the Staedelschule in Frankfurt am Main. She has exhibited at different venues in Sweden such as Marabouparken Konsthall, Färgfabriken Konsthall, Art Lab Gnesta, Accelerator, Goethe Institute, and also internationally in Germany and Ireland. In October she has a solo exhibition at Galleri Mejan (Stockholm) where she will present a new film and a series of glass sculptures, and in November she is participating in a group exhibition at Botkyrka Konsthall (Stockholm).

On a seemingly ordinary afternoon, nine-year-old Samuel comes home from school and awaits his father Amal. He takes the opportunity to enjoy the solitude but when dusk falls and Amal has neither appeared nor been heard from, a wave of worry washes over Samuel, exposing the weight he carries. For half a day, we follow a child’s experience of the despair that arises in the borderland of freedom and abandonment.


Nils Hanssen, The Netherlands

Nils had been working with the medium of theater and film since he was a child. After he performed a number of productions himself, he was accepted in the direction of scenography at the Theatre academy in Maastricht. After discontinuing this education, he set his sights on becoming a self-taught director. Not long after that he directed his first visual horror theater play «Delirium». In the years that followed he was mainly active as art director for several short and feature films. He also co-directed the fully improvised film «Boundless». He made his debut with the psychological horror/thriller «In Pieces». Nils mainly tells personal, suspenseful and sometimes funny stories in which his focus is on visual imagery.

A clumsy recreational triangle player is given the extraordinary opportunity to be conducted by the most popular conductor in the world, only his nerves get in his way.


Nivetha Balasubramaniam, Denmark

Nivetha is a Tamil-Danish director at filmschool Super16 and attending the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. She grew up in Denmark in between homemade biryani and readymade curry balls. She knows how to move in a world of complex cultural clashes, which easily can be seen in her narratives. She is aware of the artist’s responsibility and portrays social and cultural inequalities that are subject to existing power structures.

A child has to save her mother when the Danish healthcare do not take her mother’s symptoms seriously because of her ethnicity.


Obed Wilson, Sweden

Director Obed Wilson grew up in Ghana, Takoradi but moved to Sweden at the age of 14, and studied film overseas in The Czech Republic Upon graduation, Obed returned to Sweden to write and direct the short drama film ‘Sweet Girl.’ After working as a crew member on several shorts in college, this film is his directorial debut. Obed continues to work a 9-5 and at the same time writes and directs commercials and music videos. His main career goal is to direct a feature film for a major production company.”

Two childish young men are forced to participate in a maturing experience with an older woman.